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Video Call Interpretation in London UK

Consecutive interpretation services in UK

Interpreting takes on several forms depending on the context and requirements of the situation. Consecutive interpretation enables the interpreter to perform real-time communication in different languages and involves a process where a person reiterates out loud what the speaker has said in a language requested by the client. It merely is a process where the speaker makes a speech whilst the interpreter records it in a written form and then reproduces it to the client.
The three main actions involved in this form of interpretation are Understand (listen actively) Make structured notes (analyse) and Communicate (reproduce).
Being able to listen actively, analyse what the speaker is saying, create valuable notes and then reproduce it in your active language are the key skills required to be a good consecutive interpreter.
During this process of interpreting the speaker pauses after a few minutes, usually at the end of every paragraph, and the interpreter then steps in to reiterate what was said into the language as requested by the client. Language Interpreters offer the best consecutive interpretation service in London | UK at short notice.

Requirements of Consecutive Interpretation Service

Consecutive interpretation service is extremely simple. It does not require any equipment like headphones, microphones, audio consoles or soundproof booths. All that the interpreter need are notepads, pencils. And most often it requires a single person, meaning the interpreter works alone.
The form of consecutive interpretation service is applicable for classes, seminars with a limited number of participants, business meetings, etc. The audience is smaller when compared to large conferences that use simultaneous interpretation services.

Skills of a Consecutive Interpreter

The consecutive interpreter must be fluent, experienced, expertise in a particular subject, cultural knowledge, understanding of the nuances of the language, sharp memory, excellent speaking, and keen hearing. Apart from memorization, the consecutive interpreter should be a fast writer, good at note-taking to help them remember the concepts and ideas that the speaker wants to deliver. The way the interpreter takes notes depends on his training and past experiences.
The notes taken are kept very simple and legible, with only the basic information and ensuring they will be easier to read and summarize the message received.

Advantages of Using Consecutive Interpretation

It’s all about speaking different languages to understand one another. The setup is simple and the consecutive interpreter normally stays next to the speaker listening and jotting down the points in simple legible language. Consecutive interpretation services has its advantages, such as:

  • The delivery of the interpretation is fluent.
  • The quality of the translation is better since the consecutive interpreter has more time to prepare and to choose the words prudently.
  • There is no need for any expensive piece of equipment.
  • The client tends to understand the message better, see and hear the speaker’s tone of voice and body language and can appreciate the translation better.

Nonetheless, this form of communication is extremely simple and may be used for sectors such as businesses or in the court of law on the witness stand. A back and forth style of interpreting, with multilingual speakers taking turns speaking and then interpreting. A significant skill involved in consecutive interpreting is meticulous listening, note-taking and then interpreting without loss of any detail.

Consecutive interpretation services

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