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Language Transcription Services

Language Transcription Services in London,UK

Language Interpreters provides video and audio transcription services in UK. The video or audio content is transcribed into a written translation that can be used for both personal and official purposes. We can transcribe from/into any language, whether it is an employee/employer matter, a court hearing, medical transcription, or a family dispute.
Our freelance transcribers are qualified, experienced, and skilled in their respective fields. They have the knowledge and experience to create transcripts that capture even the most subtle background noise, accents, the content and context of words spoken, and relay the message in writing.

Accurate & Complete Transcriptions

Language Interpreters is a one-stop shop for all of your requirements. If you require legal and confidential transcription services UK, we can assist and deliver accurate transcriptions for all industries. For all of your transcription needs, we provide cost-effective and secure Language transcription services in UK. Language Interpreters is the best transcription company, providing professional results with simple procedures. Our transcribers provide accurate and professional language transcription services in UK within agreed-upon timeframes.

We follow a simple three-step procedure:

  1. You submit your audio/video data to us.
  2. It is transcribed by us.
  3. We return it to you via email.

We accept a wide range of audio and video files, including:

  1. CDs, DVDs, MP3s, MP4s, and WAV files are all acceptable.
  2. Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp links.
  3. Newspaper articles, as well as others that can be discussed based on your specific needs and availability.

Our work

Is managed by native speakers who provide high-quality transcription services UK in a secure and private environment while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Our pricing structure and rates

are incredibly flexible and transparent.
Normally, the cost of audio and video transcription is the same. Language interpreters charge on a per-minute basis or a flat fee that is comparable to the per-word charges of document translation. For transcriptions and translations, we adhere to legal aid rates. We also provide prompt, quick, and dependable transcription services and can complete and deliver transcriptions within agreed-upon timeframes. We provide quotes that meet your needs.

Our delivery process

Language Interpreters guarantees low-cost and quick language transcription services in UK with quick turnaround times for all of your personal and business needs.
Our prompt service demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

We can assist you with the following Transcription Services:

  • Audio Transcription services.
  • Video Transcription services.
  • Foreign Language Transcription services.
  • Newspaper articles / links.
  • Medical Transcription services.
  • And many more depending on your unique needs.