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Language interpreters and translators Services

Hungarian Translation Services | Affordable interpretation Services for Hungarian and English

'Szia' Are you looking for a Hungarian-to-English professional translator? You have come to the right place.

At Language Interpreters Ltd, we have years of experience in the official translation of the Hungarian language. Read more to find out about our costs and why our service is vital to your translation requirements.

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Certified Hungarian Translation Services for Native Hungarian Speakers.

Language Interpreters Ltd and its team provide interpretation, translation and transcription services in over 100 languages, adhering to the highest quality standards demanded by both our clients and ourselves. Our qualified and experienced freelancers are English language speakers and can help you with any of the services you require.

Our services are available, 7 days a week for every language and any industry! Below is a list of services we offer to suit your needs:

  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Onsite Interpretation Service
  • Video Call Interpretation
  • Translation Services
  • Transcription Services

    Our Hungarian Document Translation and Interpreting service.

    When you need a legal translator or any kind of translated document, we like to think we are the best there is. We offer a document translation service for many different situations, but these are the most common ones:

    • Legal Documents
    • Court Translations
    • Marriage Certificates
    • Statements
    • Leaflets
    • Employee Contracts
    • Letters
    • IDs
    • Book & Film Scripts
    • Business Contracts

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    How Much do Hungarian Translation Services Cost?

    Sadly there is no easy answer to this! It entirely depends on your needs and requirements and how long you need to use our services. For a document translation, generally speaking, you would be looking at around £0.10 to £0.15 per word in the current market. Interpretation charges vary from £25 an hour. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you more.

    What Makes Language Interpreters Ltd the Best There is?

    Language Interpreters are a team of highly professional translation service providers in UK offering Hungarian translation services, Hungarian interpreters & Transcription. We also provide language service for over 100 other Languages. We cater to legal, medical, public and private sectors to offer our service at reasonable and competitive rates.

    Hungarian Interpreters

    Our team of Hungarian interpreters who are dedicated, qualified and skilled with a minimum of one or more formal interpreting and translation qualifications that permits them to provide services at various sectors such as Courts, Tribunals, Offices of Law Firms, GP Practices, Councils, Hospitals, Prisons etc. Our freelance interpreters are highly in demand as they cover several dialects for our three services in a short time period.

    Our Hungarian Interpreters services:
    Telephone interpretations.
    Video Translations.
    Onsite Interpretation.

    Hungarian translation services

    Our freelance Hungarian translation services providers are also an experts in interpreting papers for a wide range of sectors. They meet all of the requirements of the Legal Aid Agency for assistance. For all formal purposes, our Hungarian interpreters are highly qualified and certified.

    Our Hungarian translation services:

    Legal translations- Legal document translation, witness statements translation, social service-related matters, mental health assessments translation, medical reports etc. for the private and public sector, businesses and all other legal firms.
    Personal translations- We provide personal translations related to documents such as passport, birth, education, demise etc. and also professional certificates and more, for immigration, asylum, childcare, family, crime, housing and other matter.
    Technical translations-Technical translation related to reports, contracts, leaflets, books, etc.

    Hungarian transcription services

    We also provide Hungarian transcription services for videos, audios, CDs, YouTube links and more.

    Hungarian Language, Origin and Dialects Spoken Over the World.

    Origin and History

    Along with the Ob-Ugric languages, Mansi and Khanty, spoken in western Siberia, Hungarian belongs to the Ugric branch of Finno-Ugric. Khanty and Mansi, Russia's minority languages, spoken 2,000 miles away, east of the Ural Mountains in northwestern Siberia, are her nearest cousins. A part of the Uralic language family is Hungarian (Magyar).

    In terms of the number of speakers and the only one spoken in Central Europe, it is the largest of the Uralic languages. Hungarian has been isolated from Khanty and Mansi for about 2,500-3,000 years, it is estimated. Standard Hungarian is based on the variety which is spoken in Budapest's capital. Hungarian has a variety of urban and rural dialects, even though the use of the common dialect is applied.


    The Hungarian dialects are Central Transdanubian, North-eastern Hungarian, Palóc, Southern Great Plains, Southern Transdanubian, Tisza-Körös, Western Transdanubian, Oberwart spoken in Austria, Csángó spoken in Romania. The Oberwart dialect spoken in Austria and the Csángó dialect spoken in Romania are difficult to understand by speakers of standard Hungarian.

    Countries spoken

    The language of Hungary is entirely different from the dialects spoken by its neighbours, who typically speak Indo-European languages. Hungarian, in truth, comes from the Ural region of Asia and belongs to the Finno-Ugric language community, meaning that Finnish and Estonian are probably its closest relatives.

    Hungarian, Hungarian Magyar, a member of the Finno-Ugric group of the Uralic language family, spoken mostly in Hungary but also in Slovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia, as well as in communities scattered across the world.

    Contact Language Interpreters for Hungarian to English Translators, interpreters and Transcriptionist.

    If you are in search for the best Hungarian to English translators and interpreters in UK, then you are at the right place.

    Translation services can cover a wide range of interpretation types. We can offer you anything from telephone interpreting, all the way to on-site interpretation. No matter what your needs are, Language Interpreters Ltd is here to help. Our most popular services include:

    • Telephone Interpreting
    • Translation of Documents
    • Video Call Interpreting
    • Audio Transcription
    • Onsite Interpretation
    • Video Transcription
    • Document Translation

    For Polish translation services, we are your go-to company! To contact us, you can call our office which is open 7 days a week on 0208 123556. Alternatively, if you go to our booking page ( you are able to request a quote or make an instant booking. If you have any issues with getting in touch, you can always email us using

    By definition, translation services involve converting languages into other languages through written text, interpreting consists of relaying information between languages verbally. Luckily, Language Interpreters Ltd offers both of these services! Get in touch with us today to discuss your translation and interpretation needs for us to help you out.

    There isn’t really an easy answer to this, there is an abundance of companies that require the use of translation services. Primarily, it’s usually companies that deal with clients that need the use of these services. A couple we have picked out include:

    • Market Research
    • Legal
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare & Medical
    • Marketing Advertising & PR
    • Education and Training
    • Retail, Consumer and E-commerce
    • Leisure & Tourism
    • Software Development

    It entirely depends on your needs and requirements and how long you need to use our services. For a document translation, generally speaking, you would be looking at around £0.10 to £0.15 per word in the current market.

    The careful selection of proficient Hungarian interpreters is of paramount importance

    Hungarian interpreters play a central role in bridging communication gaps across diverse settings. Their significance goes beyond mere linguistic harmony, as their primary goal is to eliminate language barriers, whether for judicial guidance or private gatherings. This commitment is aimed at promoting fairness and inclusion.

    The Hungarian Legal Aid Interpreter Program stands out as an initiative that has made substantial contributions to the success of legal proceedings by addressing the urgent need for proficient legal interpreters. This program provides precise and culturally appropriate translation services that are crucial for upholding the law and overcoming linguistic obstacles between legal professionals and individuals who speak Hungarian.

    Legal aid interpreters are integral to facilitating communication between individuals with limited English proficiency and the legal system. They ensure that individuals who speak Hungarian receive essential information about legal representation. Language barriers can impede individuals from fully comprehending their rights or actively participating in legal proceedings in diverse locales.

    Developing proficient Hungarian legal aid interpreters and translators is essential to ensure equitable treatment for native speakers. These professionals safeguard legal procedures by providing precise and culturally appropriate translations. They promote open discussion and foster an atmosphere that encourages individuals to participate in legal matters, allowing them to understand their rights and obligations.

    Whether employed by a private entity or as part of a regulated program, such as the Hungarian Legal Aid Interpreter Program, the utilisation of specialised Hungarian interpreters holds paramount importance in fostering effective communication and guaranteeing fairness within the program.