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Mirpuri interpreters and translators for legal, medical, corporate and private matters.

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Interpretation, Translation and Transcription Services.

Language Interpreters is one of the prominent translation agencies in London that offers interpreting, translation, and transcription services in and out of London / within UK for over 100 Languages. We offer reasonable and competitive rates that comply with Legal Aid guidelines.

Mirpuri Interpreters

We have a database of handpicked Mirpuri interpreters who are dedicated, qualified and skilled. They are accredited with a minimum of one or more formal interpreting and translation qualifications that permits them to provide services at Courts, Tribunals, Offices of Law Firms, GP Practices, Councils, Hospitals, Detention Centres and many more. These freelance interpreters are most sought-after linguists as they cover several dialects and language combinations for our three services at short notice.

Telephone interpretations - Over the phone interpreting .
Video Translations - Video conferencing or virtual interpretations.
Onsite Interpretation -Consecutive and face to face interpreting.

Mirpuri Translators

Our freelance Mirpuri translators are proficient, skilled, and experienced in translating documents for all kind of industries. They have all the prerequisites to assist as per the Legal Aid Agency requirements. The certified Mirpuri translations from Mirpuri into English or English into Mirpuri are signed, stamped, and certified for every official purpose.

Legal translations - Court documents, witness statements, social service-related matters, mental health assessments, medical reports etc for the private and public sector, businesses, government bodies and law firms.
Personal translations-IDs, passports, (birth, death, divorce, marriage) certificates, education, and professional certificates and more, for immigration, asylum, childcare, family, crime, housing, mental health, and civil matters.
Technical translations- reports, contracts, leaflets, books, journals and more.

We also provide Mirpuri transcription services for videos, audios, CDs, YouTube links and more.

Mirpuri language, origin and dialects spoken over the world.

Origin and History

On the Pothohar Plateau in the far north of Pakistani Punjab, as well as in most of Pakistan's Azad Kashmir and in the western regions of India's Jammu and Kashmir, the Indo-Aryan language spoken is known by a number of names, the most famous of which are Pothwari, Mirpuri and Pahari. The language is more akin to Pothwari than to the Pahari spoken in the rest of Azad Kashmir, east of the Pothwari areas, over the Jhelum River to Mirpur District in Azad Kashmir. It is known locally by a number of names: Pahari, Mirpur Pahari, Mirpuri, and Pothwari, though it is called Punjabi by some of its speakers.


At least three main dialects are available: Pothwari, Mirpuri and Pahari. They are mutually intelligible, but the disparity between the northernmost and the southernmost dialects is sufficient to create comprehension difficulties.

Countries spoken

The Mirpur area was the centre of the bulk of Pakistani immigration to the United Kingdom, a trend that began when thousands were displaced in the 1960s by the building of the Mangla Dam and emigrated to fill labour shortages in England. There are now several hundred thousand in the British Mirpuri diaspora, and Pahari has been believed to be the second most common mother tongue in the UK, but the language in the broader community there is little understood and its status has remained confused. Speakers of Mirpuri have a clear sense of Kashmiri identity that takes precedence over linguistic affiliation beyond Azad Kashmir with closely related groups.