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Language interpreters and translators Services

Norwegian interpreters and translators for legal, medical, corporate and private matters.

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Interpretation, Translation and Transcription Services.

Language Interpreters is one of the prominent translation agencies in London that offers interpreting, translation, and transcription services in and out of London / within UK for over 100 Languages.  We offer reasonable and competitive rates that comply with Legal Aid guidelines.

Norwegian Interpreters

We have a database of handpicked Norwegian interpreters who are dedicated, qualified and skilled. They are accredited with a minimum of one or more formal interpreting and translation qualifications that permits them to provide services at Courts, Tribunals, Offices of Law Firms, GP Practices, Councils, Hospitals, Detention Centres and many more. These freelance interpreters are most sought-after linguists as they cover several dialects and language combinations for our three services at short notice.

Telephone interpretations - Over the phone interpreting.
Video Translations -Video conferencing or virtual interpretations.
Onsite Interpretation -Consecutive and face to face interpreting.

Norwegian Translators

Our freelance Norwegian translators are proficient, skilled, and experienced in translating documents for all kind of industries. They have all the prerequisites to assist as per the Legal Aid Agency requirements. The certified Norwegian translations from Norwegian into English or English into Norwegian are signed, stamped, and certified for every official purpose.​

Legal translations - Court documents, witness statements, social service-related matters, mental health assessments, medical reports etc for the private and public sector, businesses, government bodies and law firms.
Personal translations- IDs, passports, (birth, death, divorce, marriage) certificates, education, and professional certificates and more, for immigration, asylum, childcare, family, crime, housing, mental health, and civil matters.
Technical translations- reports, contracts, leaflets, books, journals and more.

We also provide Norwegian transcription services for videos, audios, CDs, YouTube links and more.

Norwegian language, origin and dialects spoken over the world.

Origin and History

Norwegian is a Northern Germanic language which is primarily spoken in Norway, where it is an official language. Norwegian is a descendant of Old Norse, the traditional tongue during the Viking Period of the Germanic people living in Scandinavia. One of the two official languages in Norway is Norwegian. The other is Sami, which is spoken by some Sami people, mainly in the northern part of Norway. As Sámi belongs to the Finno-Ugric group of languages, Norwegian and Sámi are not mutually intelligible. Less than one quarter of the population in Norway speak Sámi.


Norwegian forms a dialect continuum of more or less mutually intelligible local and regional varieties alongside Swedish and Danish; some Norwegian and Swedish dialects, in particular, are very similar. These Scandinavian languages are the North Germanic languages, along with Faroese and Icelandic, as well as some extinct languages.With Norwegian in their spoken form, Faroese and Icelandic are not mutually intelligible as continental Scandinavian has diverged from them. Although the two most widely spoken Germanic languages, English and German, have strong parallels to Norwegian, they are not mutually intelligible.

One of the working languages of the Nordic Council is Norwegian. Under the Nordic Language Convention, when dealing with official bodies in other Nordic countries, residents of Nordic countries who speak Norwegian have the right to use their native language without being responsible for any transcription or translation costs.

There are several local dialects of Norwegian, generally divided into four main classes, namely North (Nordnorsk), Central (Trøndnorsk), West (Vestnorsk) and East (Østnorsk).

Countries spoken

With an estimated 50,000 Norwegians, Spain is one of the largest, with Norwegian speakers found in decent numbers in Sweden and Denmark because Norwegian, Swedish and Danish are mutually intelligible and encourage a lot of cultural exchange. Technically, learning Norwegian helps you to speak to about 20 million other persons, even though just about 5.2 million specifically speak Norwegian.

The importance of translators proficient in Norwegian cannot be overstated

The essential and evident role of Norwegian translators in facilitating effective communication and overcoming linguistic hurdles underscores their vitality and significance. These translators are indispensable in various settings, including private functions, corporate meetings, immigration offices, medical appointments, and social gatherings. The success of Norwegian interpreters in private settings exemplifies how advancements in language can transform lives by eliminating barriers and enhancing communication.

The Norwegian Legal Aid Interpreters initiative aims to promote equity and acceptance within the legal system. Recognising the crucial need for proficient translators, this program adeptly bridges communication gaps between legal professionals and individuals who speak Norwegian and require assistance. It has been utilised in numerous court proceedings, ensuring accurate and socially appropriate interpretation methods. These translators have become indispensable partners in upholding legal norms and overcoming linguistic obstacles within the legal realm.

Effective communication between individuals with limited English proficiency and the legal system is facilitated by legal aid interpreters. Furthermore, legal aid translation services greatly contribute to bridging the linguistic gap by enabling individuals to understand legal documents, court proceedings, and other critical information essential for their legal representation. A legal argument that demands fairness and balance necessitates a precise and socially acceptable translation. Language barriers can prevent individuals from fully understanding their rights or actively participating in legal proceedings across diverse locations.

Norwegian translators and interpreters certified by Legal Aid have played a crucial role in ensuring the achievement of justice for those who speak the dialect. Norwegian legal aid interpreters play an important role in removing barriers, promoting understanding, and advocating for justice and acceptance within the legal realm.