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Russian interpreters and translators for legal, medical, corporate and private matters.

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Interpretation, Translation and Transcription Services.

Language Interpreters has a team of professional translators, interpreters and transcriptionist in London, UK. We provide Russian translation service, Transcription service and also Russian interpreters Service all over UK and also provide our service for over 100 plus other Languages. If you are looking for reasonable, and competitive rates for interpretation and translation services in UK that complies with Legal Aid guidelines, get in touch with us.

Russian Interpreters

We have a team of Russian interpreters who are motivated, experienced, and skilled. They have one or more formal interpreting and translation qualifications, allowing them to work in a variety of settings including Courts, Tribunals, Law Firms, GP Practices, Councils, Hospitals, Detention Centers, Prisons and more. Our freelance linguists are in high demand since they are highly skilled as they can handle a wide range of dialects and language combinations for our three services on short notice.

Our Russian Interpreters services:

Telephone interpretations.
Video Translations.
Onsite Interpretation.

Russian translation service

We provide the best Russian translation service in UK with our translators who are proficient, skilled, and experienced in translating documents for all kind of industries. Our professionals have all of the qualification and certification for assisting you as per the law.

The certified Russian translations from Russian into English or English into Russian are signed, stamped, and certified for every official purpose.

Our Russian translation services:

Legal translations- We provide legal translations for Court records, witness statements records, social service-related documents, mental health assessments documents, medical reports etc.
Personal translations- Personalized translation for IDs, passports, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificates etc. We also provide personalized translation for immigration purposes, family, crime, housing, mental, health matters etc.
Technical translations- Reports, contracts, brochures, books, journals, and other related technical translation services.

Russian transcription services

We also provide Russian transcription services for videos, audios, CDs, YouTube links and more.

Russian language, origin and dialects spoken over the world.

Origin and History

Russian is the East Slavic language of Russian origin in Eastern Europe. Russian belongs to the Indo-European language family, along with one of the four living members of the East Slavic language and belongs to the broader Balto Slavic branch.

Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have a high degree of shared intelligibility.

Russian is the most widely spoken Slavic language with more than 258 million speakers worldwide. Russian is the seventh-most spoken language in the world by the number of native speakers and the eighth-most spoken language in the world by the number of speakers. This is one of the six official languages of the United States.


The Russian dialects are classified into the Northern, Southern and Central sections. Modern literary Russian is based on the central dialect of Moscow, with the consonant system of the Northern dialect and the vocal system of the Southern dialect. However, the variations between these three dialects are smaller than between the dialects of most other European languages.

Countries spoken

Russian is the largest spoken language in Europe and the most commonly spoken globally in Eurasia. Russian is an official language of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and is commonly used in the Caucasus, Central Asia and, to a certain degree, the Baltic States.

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