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Wolof interpreters and translators for legal, medical, corporate and private matters.

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Interpretation, Translation and Transcription Services.

Language Interpreters is one of the prominent translation agencies in London that offers interpreting, translation, and transcription services in and out of London / within UK for over 100 Languages.  We offer reasonable and competitive rates that comply with Legal Aid guidelines.

Wolof Interpreters

We have a database of handpicked Wolof interpreters who are dedicated, qualified and skilled. They are accredited with a minimum of one or more formal interpreting and translation qualifications that permits them to provide services at Courts, Tribunals, Offices of Law Firms, GP Practices, Councils, Hospitals, Detention Centres and many more. These freelance interpreters are most sought-after linguists as they cover several dialects and language combinations for our three services at short notice.

Telephone interpretations - Over the phone interpreting.
Video Translations -Video conferencing or virtual interpretations.
Onsite Interpretation -Consecutive and face to face interpreting.

Wolof Translators

Our freelance Wolof translators are proficient, skilled, and experienced in translating documents for all kind of industries. They have all the prerequisites to assist as per the Legal Aid Agency requirements. The certified Wolof translations from Wolof into English or English into Wolof are signed, stamped, and certified for every official purpose.

Legal translations- Court documents, witness statements, social service-related matters, mental health assessments, medical reports etc for the private and public sector, businesses, government bodies and law firms.
Personal translations-IDs, passports, (birth, death, divorce, marriage) certificates, education, and professional certificates and more, for immigration, asylum, childcare, family, crime, housing, mental health, and civil matters.
Technical translations-reports, contracts, leaflets, books, journals and more.

We also provide Wolof transcription services for videos, audios, cds, youtube links and more.

Wolof language, origin and dialects spoken over the world.

Origin and History

Wolof is the official language of Senegal, Mauritania and Gambia, and the local language of the people of Wolof. Like the neighbouring Serer and Fula languages, it belongs to the Niger-Congo language family's Senegambian branch.

Wolof's origin has not been clearly identified. Some linguists suggest that the name Wolof may have originated from the 14th century region in which the empire of Jolof was founded. The spread of deserts and political conflicts gradually pushed Wolof-speaking people southward from the Jolof region to other parts of Senegal.

In the 20th century, socioeconomic integration, urbanisation, and inter-ethnic marriages helped spread the language. As the Lebu people are Wolof and speak a regional Wolof dialect, Wolof did not emerge as the language of the Lebu people.


Wolof has two main geographical varieties: one spoken in Senegal and the other spoken in the Gambia (Ethnologue). The two forms are mutually intelligible, but there are essential distinctions between the two. Within Senegal, five dialects are characterised by ethnology: Baol, Cayor, Dylof, Lebou, and Jander.

In addition, there are variations between those spoken in urban areas and those spoken in rural areas. Wolof, for example, spoken in Senegal's capital, Dakar, has a greater number of French loanwords than other dialects.

Countries spoken

It is the most commonly spoken language in Senegal, spoken natively as a second language by the Wolof people (40% of the population) but also by most other Senegalese. Wolof is not a tonal language, unlike most other languages in the Niger-Congo family.

Since no single variety was ever recognised as the default, Wolof is not a standardised language. The variety is, however, spoken in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.