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Importance of Legal Translations

Importance of Legal Translations

Legal translation services involves translating legal text from one language and producing legal text into another language. Legal translation is critical for businesses such as Law firms and public organisations such as Councils and Social Services. Numerous organisations need legal translation of documents. This is an extraordinarily complex task. Minor errors in the translation can jeopardise a legal lawsuit or even result in potential legal exposure, which consumes time, money and putting hard work and reputations at risk. Language interpreters provide the best legal translation services in UK.

Legal translation can vary from witness statements, ID cards, evidence for court purposes, matters relating to childcare or social services, family, immigration, asylum, civil, housing, personal injury, and also to other family matters or disputes like divorce, marriage/death certificates. Legal translation services costs are calculated on the total word-count, not the number of pages. So it is imperative to receive a quotation, timeframe before you proceed with an agency or provider that offers this service.

In today’s world where life has come to a standstill due to the pandemic, new electronic procedures have taken control of every situation and the necessity for legal translation has increased drastically. All sorts of agreements, contracts, etc. could not possibly be written to apply for each industry or service, they need to be tailored to fit the specific requirements otherwise they could prove void. After Brexit, current rules on purchases, warranties, and consumer protection could even differ on a local level and unfortunately, these complex rules are left to the translators to deal with for outlining them accurately in legal terminology. This can prove fatal and you can try to comprehend the intricacy of translating texts of legal nature. 

Legal translation needs to use content and terms within the legal system prevailing in the country where the source document originated so the translator also needs legal translation of documents into the target language using the legal terminology of the country that the documents need to be produced in.

Potential Drawbacks – for Legal Translation?

You may wonder what could go wrong when it comes to translations?

Many things could go wrong but it is important to consider the impact that a legal translation services can have. Let’s consider the possible consequences when dealing with legal translation. For example- Legal liability.  You always need to ensure that even the slightest of errors could result in incurring costs and even further legal implications. Mistranslation of a name, date, or identity can potentially lead to complications or may endanger an ongoing legal proceeding.

When choosing legal translation services, it is crucial to get to know the steps the agency or translators take to protect the safety and confidentiality of the information. Right from start to finish. Furthermore, the agency must ensure that qualified and professional translations should provide this service in a secure way. The agency must have policies in place to hand over and store the documents. Storage and electronic transfer could be potentially dangerous, and information could leak if the necessary measures are not taken in advance. Please always check the privacy policy, GDPR guidelines that the agency follows or visit their website to learn of their policies. Although the most accurate/fast and reliable mode of carrying out this service is an electronic transfer via email. Language Interpreters, we provide a wide variety of legal translation services in UK

Strict Time Frames 

Legal translation of documents nature is typically confidential. This means that there can be a large-sized file that may need an agreed timeframe in advance or a small document that can be translated and returned within a day. While you would want to do anything in order to meet timelines, for a large document, the content could be split among several translators who could accomplish the desired result and meet the client’s needs within stipulated timescales.

Certified Or Notarised Translations?

What are certified translations?

The translation agency or translator must issue a signed statement of truth so that the translation is deemed certified by the translation agency. This statement should declare the translation was done in an accurate and truthful representation of the original document. Such documents could be different certificates, witness statements, court transcripts, service agreements, etc.

Legal translation is not easy to undertake, as translators play a crucial role in them. It is important that a professional translator with the required skills is translating your documents. Legal translated documents define what an individual, government or a company can or cannot do. Every time you put your signature on any piece of legal paperwork, we are legally bound to it. This is precisely why legal or government bodies require certified translations to be submitted. It is extremely likely that a certified translation service would be needed for various types of legal paperwork procedures and purposes. Therefore, a legal translation that is certified provides a legal record.

What are notarised translations?

To achieve an authenticated translation some jurisdictions, require notarization before the document/s could be legally accepted, such documents are powers of attorney, certified copies of official documents, documents that were initially issued in another country, etc.

A notary will need to apply their signature on the document and seal it as well, confirming the identity and authority of the signatory. They can legally acknowledge, or notarizes, the identity of the signatory, however, they cannot attest the terminology is accurate. Therefore, it is so important to work with specialized translators or translation services uk such as Language Interpreters.

Who can do legal translation?

There are several challenges when translators translate legal documents. The translators must have the expertise & awareness, knowledge, experience & qualifications that play a vital role in translation service. Luckily, there is a language translation agency in UK such as Language Interpreters is prominent legal translation services in UK that have the needed expertise to carry out impeccable legal translation. You need to ensure that the work is carried out by skilled and qualified translations who can certify the translation work for your purposes.

If you know what you are looking for and are able to make an adequate decision that ultimately meets your requirements then look no further. If you are uncertain, then please visit the FAQS section on our website www.language-interpreters or get in touch with us and we can explain better and give you an understanding of the processes and requirements.