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Why medical interpreters are essential in the healthcare industry???

Why medical interpreters are essential in the healthcare industry???

Why medical interpreters are essential in the healthcare industry – The last couple of years have been quite overwhelming and crammed with immense complexities and uncertainties. This impact has weighed heavily on individuals all over the world. This responsibility to come together and assist every individual in understanding their health, health problems and treatment modalities, is indeed building immensely. It is vital that clear communication exists between the patient, family members and the healthcare provider for the effective outcome of these medical translation services. 

Think about it from a patient’s perspective, when they are in hospital. The stress and challenges they may undergo are inconceivable. To help reduce the stress and apprehension in these difficult times the simplest way is to assist patients in understanding their health condition, the medical terminologies involved in the care, medical diagnosis, assisting in medical document translation/interpretation before they fulfil the legal formalities like signing the consent form before a surgical operation, prognosis and so on. This can well and truly be executed by a medical translation/interpreter who can enhance communication between patients and their families who have limited command over English.

Medical interpretation enhances this communication between the healthcare provider and patients and this is essential in terms of patient safety, self-care efficacy, wellness, literacy and understanding ongoing medical and nursing management and accessibility to the diverse healthcare services offered for the betterment of one’s health and illness. To improvise communication, healthcare practitioners bank on family members or other healthcare providers who are fluent in the required language or rely completely on a certified medical interpreter/translator to convey the required information.

At times choosing informal interpreters like family members can help serve the purpose of communication instinctively. Good communication/interpretation/translation is successful when interpreters are available at short notice, maintain confidentiality, their confidence in their language skills and their familiarity/experience in dealing with patients and family members in hospital settings. It also depends on the ability of the interpreter to overcome challenges like the socio-cultural and religious factors, patients’ satisfaction, the outcome of interpreting service and the ability of the patient/family in making their own decision regarding care and management. Organizing a healthcare interpreter depends entirely on patient’s preference and their willingness to discuss their clinical conditions with a stranger, which indeed has to be respected.

Currently in the UK, on the National Register, there are more than 1,500 registered professional interpreters offering a wide range of interpreting, translating and transcribing services in more than 100 languages to cover the entire population. One among them is the most renowned and experienced group of professionals called “Language Interpreters” a multi-sector service providerwho are truly elite, fluent, competent, proficient and most of all multilingual. Ardent and determined, the team strives to deliver utmost efficient and professional healthcare interpreting, translating and transcribing services, while simultaneously maintaining client values, expectations and confidentiality.

Language Interpreters in the UK have an extensive database of experienced multilingual professionals that are DBS checked and who are proficient in assisting vulnerable minors and adults. Renowned for their fluency in over 100 languages, they are capable in providing to the needs of patients and healthcare providers all year round and are trained to facilitate even in the most stressful situations. An interpreter who understands the medical terminologies and procedures can put the non-English speaking personnel at ease and can achieve the right outcome. Depending on patients or the provider’s requirements the team offers face-to-face medical interpreting, over the phone interpreting and video interpreting services. They are highly equipped and possess the knowledge and resources to provide high quality state-of-the-art effective service imminently.

The medical interpreting/translating service offered by an interpreter must ensure flawless communication between the two parties and aid the medical professionals in their job. Interpreters thoroughly understand that even the slightest error can place the patient’s health at risk and hence they assure total accuracy at all times, be it any language. If you are in need of medical translation service you can reach out to Language Interpreters anytime and be assured to receive the most accurate and timely service performed by our qualifies and certified language professionals.

Benefits of medical interpretation / translation services:

  • Helps health authorities foster good professional practice by disseminating information accurately and promptly.
  • Presumptions can be totally avoided and can concentrate on treating patients based on their actual medical history and diagnosis.
  • Patients tend to understand the procedures better and the treating consultant can avoid incurring errors.
  • When a patient or family seeks interpretation services, the professional narrates the topic in-depth and is accountable for the patient’s satisfaction.
  • Ensures patients/families are convinced, are content and completely comprehend the plan of care, planned by the treating physician.
  • Helps attain informed consent from the patient, reduce errors, visualize the expected outcomes along with improving patient satisfaction.
  • professional interpreter also helps in risk mitigations. Helps patients understand and acknowledge the medical terminologies, medical diagnosis, documents such as medical test reports, medical histories, the importance of signing the consent forms, surgical procedures planned for the patients, discharge summaries, follow-up care and examinations and so on, thoroughly.
  • Provides clarity and transparency to the patients and helps them gain confidence in the treating personnel.
  • Communicating with patients through a professional medical interpreter eliminates trauma and ensures that accurate information is passed on while focusing completely on patient’s recovery, comfort and well-being.

It is vital when patients often need to make some important decisions while enduring their anxiety or pain. In today’s world, it truly does not matter where you are based and your level of language proficiency. It is mandatory you receive the best-skilled service from all sectors as per your expectations. Also having access to a person who completely understands your obligations and fulfils your necessities with utmost sincerity and professionalism abiding by the policies and standards and maintaining stringent confidentiality completes it all.

Language Interpreters helps you get connected to the right interpreter for all your healthcare needs and assures quality service at short notice and at affordable costs. Healthcare providers can have easy access to certified, competent multilingual healthcare interpreting/translating/transcribing services all year round. This has undoubtedly led to positive outcomes of care and has enhanced patients’ satisfaction scores remarkably.