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Benefits and Importance of Remote or virtual Interpreting

With contacts scattered across the country and the world and with many working remotely or observing social distancing, alternative forms of communication have now become crucial to productivity.

Moreover, telephone interpretation becomes easily affordable as traveling is not involved and it comes at competitive prices for small-scale requirements.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, personal interaction of all sorts has gone remote.  This reduced the potential exposure for everyone involved, but it also created new challenges, particularly when participants speak different languages.

Remote interpreting has become an appropriate way to overcome language barriers while maintaining social distancing. We have listed below the types of remote interpreting we offer and how they work in different situations.

Types of Remote Interpreting

 We offer remote interpreting of two kinds: 

  • Video Interpreting
  • Over-the-phone / telephone interpreting

What Is Video Remote Interpreting?

Video interpreting involves a chat via a video call that includes the participants and the interpreter. Once the host finishes speaking, the interpreter interprets what was said to the other party.

Remote conference interpreting or any form of video-based communication that allows participants to connect to a remote interpreter via telephone or video call. Business meetings, too, are going online. By using remote interpreting services, today’s multilingual, global organizations ensure that everyone has a voice. 

Video interpreting requires a camera. It does not require a higher level of technical expertise to set it up.  All you need to have is the provision of that platform downloaded on your device and then just connect to it via login information or a password to connect. As a result, interpreters can interpret more accurately when they can see body language and facial expressions. It helps them communicate in the language they understand best.

A video interpreter will help facilitate greater conversations with your clients, customers or patients who speak a different language with you. If you decide to work with a video interpreter, they will be friendly, polite and helpful whilst also conducting the translations with no disruptions to your conversation.

Interpretation in such situations can either be simultaneous or consecutive. In both cases, an offsite interpreter interprets what is being said in real time. So, participants can hear and ask questions in their own language with minimum delays. But it is different with consecutive interpreting, the interpreter interprets after the speaker finishes speaking.  This type of interpretation is best for one-on-one or small groups of people, as the length of the meeting or call is doubled.

Do you need a remote interpreter or someone to interpret between you and your clients ?

Whether you have an immediate need for an on-demand interpreter, or you would like to pre-book one of our language professionals for a future date, Language Interpreters makes the process simple and fast. Visit our website and complete our 60 second online quotation or booking form.

What is Telephone Interpreting?

As a face-to-face meeting is now a challenge a telephone (or video) Interpreter is the next best thing. We provide Interpreters in any language via the telephone at short notice.

We offer professional interpreting support over the phone 7 days a week in over 100 languages. The procedure is very simple as securing an interpreter over the phone and  connecting additional parties to that call or vice versa so that everyone can speak and listen to a conversation as a group. It could also involve a group of participants who are already present in the room to understand what is being said to them with the assistance of an interpreter over a speaker phone.

This service is ideally suited for:

  • Requests of urgent nature organised with short lead times.
  • When desired information is condensed or abridged
  • Medical appointments that are brief, confidential, and specific in nature
  • Other specified interpreting needs where the scope of work is limited.

The schedule is centred on a very simple exchange of information and not subject to a detailed discussion. Over the Phone or telephone Interpreting works the same way, except that the interpreter cannot see the other parties. This is carried out via an audio telephone call or a 3 way conference call. This can be carried out in two ways.

  • The participants can connect with each other and then add the interpreter to the conference either on an audio call or a whatsapp conference call.
  • The interpreter can also be provided a free dial in number to join a conference. (Interpreters must not be charged for the dial in service).

How Does Our Telephone Interpreting Work?

Whether you have an immediate need for an on-demand interpreter, or you would like to pre-book one of our language professionals for a future date, Language Interpreters makes the process simple and fast. Visit our website and complete our 60 second online quotation or booking form.

What you expect from working with our qualified interpreters?

  • Clear and accurate oral interpretation in real-time settings.
  • Our pool of freelance interpreters cover every language and some of the rare dialects in the world.
  • A professional and polite demeanour whilst causing no disruptions to the conversation.
  • Complete confidentiality: our interpreters don’t judge, comment or share any information.
  • Specialist knowledge of the terminology
Telecommunication platforms, including Skype, Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp Video calling.

Video remote interpretation can take place using a range of telecommunications platforms including Zoom, Skype, whatsapp and Teams that allow participants – whether they’re employees, customers, social workers, solicitors, barristers, courts, home office interviews, schools and universities, doctors or medical experts and patient to communicate effectively and achieve the purpose of their attendance.

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