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Private Translation and Interpretation services for Legal Purposes

Private Translation and Interpretation services for Legal Purposes

Certified legal translation and interpretation services

Certified legal translation and interpretation services for personal : The pandemic has brought in a revolution in the official procedures of government agencies where the localization industry has come to the rescue. Now as social distancing, virtual meetings, and uncompromised procedures have taken a toll, a private individual is facing incoherent situations in processing their legal obligations when it comes to personal documents and procedures like immigration, social services, legal trials, etc.

A person must look after his or her own official submissions to courts/ legal bodies/ agencies or institutions where they are facing difficulty in identifying a qualified translator or an interpreter to carry out services like translation, transcription, or interpretation on their behalf.

How do you identify a qualified interpreter / translator?

You need to recognize an agency that assists private individuals with one-off jobs. It could be a translation of a marriage or birth certificate or personal documents that need submitting at the Home Office or Courts, a witness statement to be translated to a family member etc. These services require the assistance of a qualified translator or interpreter to certify the documents for you that could be used in Court or a government body. 

This is where we as an agency come into action. We service private clients for their personal use. We cater to the legal, medical, technical, public & private sectors for all 3 services. Interpretation assistance (telephone, video, and face to face), Translation of documents, and Transcription of audio/video files into written text. The interpreters are qualified and have legal interpreting experience and accreditations as per the required criteria of the UK government. They can assist you with any service at any time.

How can you help me with the translation of a marriage certificate that needs to be a certified translation?

We can help with any language, any document of any industry. Personal translations like birth, marriage, death, or education certificates can be translated by our qualified translators to mirror the original. This translation is certified, stamped, and can be used for official or legal purposes.

How can you help me with the translation of personal documents that need to be submitted to the Home Office?

Personal documents like proof of address, ID, Passport, Licenses, Utility bills, Tenancy agreements, Education certificates, Employment letters, Payslips, Bank statements, reports, medical letters, or private information can be translated to mirror the original. Forward your documents, receive a quotation, and book our translators at preferred turnarounds.

The translation will be carried out by our skilled and qualified translators and the documents will be certified and stamped, which can be submitted to any government body.

How can you help me with audio/ video transcriptions?

This is an amazingly simple process, just like the other services. You need to forward your audio/video files, receive a quotation at preferred turnarounds. The files will be translated into written text. You can get the audio/video files transcribed into English or any language and then get the translated text re-translated into any given language of your preference or use.

How can you help me with the interpretation or translation of a legal statement to my mother who does not speak English?

This service involves hiring an interpreter over telephone or video call interpretation if you do not require the person to attend in person. Due to the current pandemic situation most services are now taking place virtually or over the phone, which is fast, accurate, and confidential.

Once the document has been translated to the person, the interpreter can sign a declaration to certify that they have translated the contents of the legal document to the best of their ability and knowledge. This declaration will be certified by the agency and could be used for legal purposes.

How can you help my mother with medical therapy sessions or assessments as she does not speak English?

These sessions can be coordinated together with the expert involved for dates and times for convenience and continuity purposes. An interpreter can be blocked in advance for two or more sessions to have continuity and interpreter availability. These sessions can be carried out over the phone or video call. This helps the patient and the expert to carry on with the regular treatments without disruptions due to the current covid situations which could have interrupted the face-to-face attendances.

I am a Solicitor; how can you help me have a quick call/chat with my client to inform them of a meeting or pass information?

Our telephone services are prompt and can be carried out at short notice. 

We can provide a qualified interpreter over the phone who can understand your client’s first language and be able to translate between the two of you at ease. This service can be assisted by our minimum call facility depending on the duration you require an interpreter for. Telephone interpretations are simple. You first contact your client and then call the interpreter and get connected via a three-way conference call or provide a number for the interpreter to dial in to join a conference. This can also be carried out via WhatsApp which is now a very convenient, reliable, confidential, and fast option to use.

I am a private individual and need assistance during a court hearing. I need an interpreter to assist me with my Barrister and Solicitor during the trial. How can you help?

A qualified interpreter who could be court-approved or have legal interpreting experience at courts can be helpful. An Interpreter will be arranged who can assist in person, over the phone, or virtually.

The interpreter can assist all parties involved by interpreting between the Barrister and the Judge. This would be either for consultation between the Barrister and client or to assist at the hearing, so the client is aware of all the legal proceedings taking place. 

I am a Solicitor and need to take a statement from my client, how can you help?

You can use both our telephone or video interpretation services to carry out this task. Our experienced and qualified Languages translation and interpretation providers can assist with legal terminology and procedures whilst you take a client’s statement. The interpreter can also sign a declaration to confirm that they have translated the statement to the best of their ability and knowledge.

I am a schoolteacher and need an interpreter to assist with parent-teacher meetings. How can you help?

You can choose any of our interpretation services. Telephone, video, or face-to-face interpretation. The interpreters who hold an Enhanced DBS and have interpreting experience can assist with all kinds of private meetings.

I need an interpreter to help me with my dentist / optician / GP appointment. How can you help?

You can contact us anytime and book an interpreter in advance. The interpreter will assist with a GP or hospital appointment for pre and post consultations or operations. They will help break down the treatment procedures and assist with all NHS-related matters.

For all your needs, feel free to contact us, we are here to help.